MakeupTeni Giokabari

Golden Eyes, Red Lips

MakeupTeni Giokabari
Golden Eyes, Red Lips

For a very long time, I was under the silly notion, that dark skin girls couldn't rock a red lip...Until I rocked a red lip.  Now I'm addicted.


Test, test, test.

You have to go hunting for 'your' red. It's the only way really.  Recommendations are great, but everyone's undertones are different.

Lip Shape and Size.

Yes, it's a weird one, but this bothered me, A LOT.  I have a full pout, there is no getting past that.  Certain textures made me look clownish (red high shine gloss, anyone?), but I found that a matte finish didn't look gaudy.  

Disclaimer: Some people love a fat, juicy, red lip look.  If that's you, rock on, hun.  It just didn't work for me.  :)

Lip Liner

Some shades of red need to be toned down with a dark lip liner or just need to be rocked with a defined lip.  With the former I suggest using purple/burgundy/black liners for an ombre look.  In the case of the latter, you can define your lips with a colour close to your skin colour or a deep berry shade.

Lip Care

Red isn't really the colour of subtlety, so you will need to make sure your lips are conditioned to the heavens.  This is not the colour that tolerates chapped, flaky, dry lips!  Exfoliate.  Hydrate.  Moisturise.



the look

  1. Apply Primer over your entire face (I also apply foundation primer on my eye lids).

  2. Apply concealer to areas that need evening out, like old acne scars, around the mouth and under the eyes can be a bit dark.

  3. Apply your contour shade underneath the cheek bones. ( I don't like a severely contoured face, so I apply contour underneath my foundation.

  4. Apply foundation lightly starting from the centre of the face and then blending it out with a blending sponge. Remember that concealer and contour haven been applied already so use a light hand in those areas.

  5. The Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleons are awesome, because its a quick swipe over the lids for a subtle sparkle before you apply eye liner and mascara.

  6. The 3INA lipstick is awesome. The wand is shaped so you don't need lipliner. Use the wand to apply the colour as a liner, accentuating your cupid's bow and the outer lines of your lips. Then fill them in with the lipstick gently tapping your lips together, rather than rubbing.

  7. Finish off with setting spray.


What's your favourite red lip colour?  Let me know in the comments.